INFEKT (viralinfekt) wrote,

just wanted to say....

this is pretty much a thank you to everyone who supported us
myself(dj infekktion)nick(dantes prayer),chris(boiofdoom)
Richard(datarape) & Gabriel(zion)
ever since we first started off as Communion (DeadWire & The Reflex) we have had so many great bands played such as a different drum synthpop festival,razed in black,my life with the thrill kill kult.grendel,terrorfakt and more.....we thank you all for coming out to our shows,events,after parties and tribute nights
we will be working at the industry night club starting december 29th we will still continue 80s musik
as well you may see us more at atomix ...i have to admit this past friday was fucking amazing..the musik was great and drinks were fucking good.....if you wanna know where the goth scene has been and there it is..good environment and drama free
....once again i really do apologize about the cancellation for psyclon nine...this would have been a great show....
thank you all for your support we will see you soon...have a great your scene....we all live once..
thank you to everyone
Dj Infekktion

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