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rip apart the lives with a fucking knife

so much is fucking dead so much is fucking dead

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Many of you all know me as Stevo (Dj Infekktion for Deadwire and RetroDivision) But really im just myself.
I love Harsh Elektro.Noize.TerrorEBM.80's.Elektroclash My beautiful kitty kitten SQUEE!!! TROMA.Jhonen Vasquez.Roman Dirge.Lenore.Foamy the Squirrel.Serial Murders.Megaman.Ed,Edd N Eddy.Toxic Avenger]

Out of the rust and into the sliime
Everybody knows that he's here for mankind
Toxic Avenger
Would you believe-a mouse to a man!
No one from this planet can realize his plan
Toxic Avenger, Toxic Avenger

Out of the dark and into the light
Mercilessly devastating his enemies, turning wrong to right
Toxic Avenger, Toxic Avenger

But nobody loves him and he's such a lonely man
All they ask from him is to guard this promised land

Out of the rust and into the slime
Everybody thinks that he's out of his mind
Toxic Avenger


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1334, 45 grave, 80's, :wumpscut:, [s.i.t.d], abney park, agonoize, albert fish, alien sex fiend, amduscia, andraculoid, angels & agony, anything box, aslan faction, big electric cat, blutengel, c-drone defect, cannibalism, cenobita, christian death, cinema strange, claire voyant, class of nukem high, claus larsen, clear vision, combichrist, corpus delicti, cyborg attack, cygore, daniel myer, darkwave, david berkowitz, david lynch, decoded feedback, depeche mode, diary of dreams, din_fiv, dioxyde, disease factory, dismantled, djing, dulce liquido, ebm, ed gein, electric hellfire club, epsilon minus, feindflug, fictional, fixmer/mccarthy, flesh field, front 242, funkervogt, fusspills11, gas masks, gavin friday, god module, goggles, gregg araki, grendel, gwar, h.i.v+, happy noodle boy, harsh ebm, harshelektro, haujobb, hioctan, hmb, hocico, hypnoskull, industrial, industrial fucking strength, informatik, information society, invader zim, iszoloscope, john wayne gacy, johnny the homicidal maniac, kevorkian death cycle, killing ophelia, klirrfaktor, kmfdm, kon kan, l'ame immortelle, leaether strip, m-e-6, manufactura, mindless self indulgence, ministry, monochrome, namnambulu, newwave, nitzer ebb, noise process, noisex, panzer ag, pop will eat itself, power noise, programming, project x, psyclon nine, punto omega, ravenous, razed in black, re/work, rosetta stone, rozz williams, sado-masochism, samplers, serial killers, shadow project, shadow reichenstein, sitd, skinny puppy, slick idiot, specimen, spetsnaz, star wars, stompy stompy boots, suicide commando, switchblade symphony, synthesizers, tactical sekt, tarmvred, terminal choice, terror ebm, terror firmer, terror noise, terrorfakt, texas chainsaw massacre, the cure, the retrosic, theatre of tragedy, thrill kill kult, toxic avenger, toxic coma, tragic black, troma, tromeo and juliet, unit371, unter null, vampirism, velvet acid christ, virgin prunes, waldgeist, xymox, z prochek, zombie flicks